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#92046 - My cousin packed her luggage after my mum showed her the room where she would be staying,i remember that night i could not stop thinking of her till i fell asleep. The following morning i woke up so early and got dressed up so neatly as if i was going somewhere i did it just to impress her after i looked in the mirror i got up to see my parents. My parents were already dressed up they were going to some sort of party my older brother who was two years older than i was he was 17 years while i was 15 years was also going out with his girlfriend so i realised i was going to be alone with my cousin in the house after everyone had gone i went to my room but in about five minutes i went to the sitting room and saw my cousin then i said hey i dint even ask of your age how old are you and she said seventeen then from there we started a conversation after talking for like an hour she went to her bedroom and i just followed her as she got beside her bed i saidyour pictures are beautiful an

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Azusa hinomori
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