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#28851 -   Megan swiveled her head in James’s direction, stray strands of her hair dangling across her face as she gave him a coy smile, she studied his form in the light emitting from the apartment, clearly he wasn’t in the best of shape, showing a few extra pounds in his gut and upper chest but at that moment Megan oddly found him quite handsome, maybe it was the wine having an effect but her earlier judgment seemed to have swayed just a bit causing some mixed emotions.   James grunted and swore out in agonized bliss as he gazed at the young, blonde Australian working her mouth around his hardness, her bottom lip grazing the sensitive underside of his cock with each bob and her tongue swirling around his cock head at every opportunity, her cock sucking experience on display as she gagged and choked on his thick 9 inches but didn’t stop or let up with the sloppy blow job, he admired her big,round tits as they jiggled, a river of her saliva running down her cleavage and stomach adding to th

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