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#196743 - The head nurse looked up from her work and asked, “Any trouble with room 323?” She shook her head from side to side and replied, “No problem at all, no problem at all!!!” THE END. “Both of my arms are in casts, how the heck am I gonna go if I can’t, you know?!?” “Don’t worry, we have portable urinals,” she said with a laugh, “just buzz a nurse and she’ll help you. “I’m sorry, I really am!” Much to his dismay Ivory DuBois’ cock was again proving that it had a mind all of its own! He just knew he was in big trouble, but then much to his shock and wonder her heard a small voice ask huskily, “H-how big is it?!?” “Uh, a little over nine inches, I think,” he replied nervously.

Read Penis Ichiya no shitto youbi - Love live sunshine Cunt Ichiya no shitto youbi

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