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#213256 - “Now watch this, I think he’s gonna fuck her!!!” The breathing of both women was now coming in fits and starts as they stared in wide eyed wonder while the young black buck literally tore Glenda Carson’s shirt and slacks from her plump body, leaving her standing there in only her bra and panties! “Good grief,” Katie mumbled, “will ya look at the size of those tits!” By now the sexual tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife and both women had slid a hand down inside their jeans! From across the room they could hear Glenda moan, “Ohhhhhh god, Michael, stick it in me!!!” With her bra and panties history, Glenda allowed Michael to turn her around shove her up against the wall. “Y-yesssssssssss, oh yessssssssss!!!” With their fingers buried in their buttery snatches, the two hot pussied women watched in total awe while Glenda Carson accepted the black monster deep inside of her super hairy cunt! “He’s gonna tear her apart!” Katie gasped while watching the thick black

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