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#68371 - So John kept in as ass for the night but to John's surprise the monster rolled John on his back and began to suck his dick and lick his balls, now John being a virgin this felt awesome to him the monster started bobbing up and down on this teen cock of his and for the first time John felt himself cum the monster swallowed John's cum until he had nothing left to give' The next day, John and the monster woke up and the monster took out the scepter from John ass, and told him that three of his monster friends are going to come to my castle and you are to serve them, but meanwhile get down on your knees and serve me like the bitch you are. At first the monster was going to kill John, but when he saw his petite body only in his underwear he had other things in mind. The monster took his cock and slid into to John's slick hole and began to fuck him faster and faster.

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