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#185812 - ;) Stranger: and hard baby. You: mmm i lick and suck your clit You: your pussy is leaking You: and i drink it all You: wanna get me ready babe? ;) Stranger: mmm yeah baby Stranger: im gonna push you over on the bed and start kissing you You: mm Stranger: and then we start making out really hard and i move down to your neck Stranger: im kissing it slowy a You: mmm Stranger: slowly and biting it gently You: i love a woman in control ;) Stranger: ohhhhh okay ;) and then ill move hard to your abs You: mmmm Stranger: ill rub then with my hands and start to kiss thsm Stranger: them too and lick them up and down You: you make me shiver babe Stranger: thats a good thing baby Stranger: and then im kissing down farther Stranger: and rubbing farther You: mmmm getting closer ;) Stranger: when i get to your big dick and im going to start licking it You: got i love that You: it makes my cock twitch Stranger: start on the end and tease you ;)

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He looks in her pussy as if he lost his wallet in it lol
Any more of these girls or likewhize contests