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#266100 - He starts to finger her, first with one finger, then 2, and then roughly with 3, she gasps and her back arches, her hands yank at the ropes they are tied with but they cannot move, she gets used to it and starts rocking her pelvis in appreciation of his movements in her, he starts licking and sucking her clit, finger fucking her hard, and quickly gets into a fast rhythm, her hips are bucking harder now, and shes panting fast, getting wetter and wetter, she explodes with a scream, hips bucking violently, shaking like a leaf, covering his fingers in cum. He starts to lightly kiss her, roll her over and touch her front, he sits over her and rolls her nipples with his tongue, alternating between doing that and kissing them gently or flicking them lightly, her moans get louder and a bit more throaty and he knows that it wont be long until she wakes.

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