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#287406 - When All realized what she was doing, he moaned and pulled his cock from his pants and slowly jerked it up and down! While he wasn't the best hung guy in town, Wanda couldn't wait to taste the luscious organ that stood up proudly only a few inches away from her hot body!!! She reluctantly pulled away from Al's mouth and dropped to her knees and she took in a deep breath to savor the smell of hi hot male crotch, and in just a whisper she sighed, God I need this, as she took it deep into her hot mouth while running her tongue up and down the thick shaft. Let me see if I can help you now, he said, as he lifted her dress, exposing her bulging belly and panty clad cunt. There you go, he said triumphantly, it should work just fine now! As she was watching him work, Wanda was struck at how handsome this young man really was, and just having him sitting in her kitchen was making her pussy damp! It had been so long since she had had any meaningful sex with her husband,

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