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#373018 - Looking around now there were only four of us left C, Mandy Shaun and me, I got up to get a drink for the small group and had to squeeze past Mandy to get to the bar as I did my crotch was in line with her face I looked down and she looked up and smiled. She leans to the right and whispers in my ears that she wants me to fuck her up the arse with my cock and not my fingers, well my cock jumps in my hands, she goes on to say she wants to get up on the sofa and sit down on my cock so she backs up to me I help her put one then the second foot on the sofa and she puts out an arm to hold herself steady and with the other hand she reaches down in front of her and seems to grab a handful of her cunt all I can see in this dim light from the TV is her lowering her self down to my waiting cock, as I see it come down to meet my red and ready knob head she lets my cock enter her arse slowly she still has the house coat on and tells me to let her get comfortable before I start to pump her arse,

Read Kiss Okaa-san, Kono Kankei Ja Irarenai Jock Okaa-san, Kono Kankei Ja Irarenai

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You are so dominant liana
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Love a body like hers