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#84741 - So, Lori, are you willing to give me COMPLETE control? To fuck you, without a condom, to cum inside your pussy, your ass, down your throat…to tell you to fuck others in those same ways…and that you will refrain from self-pleasure and sex with ANYONE without my express permission and direction…” “Yes Teacher” “Kelly, do you believe Lori can control herself to play by these rules?” “If she doesn’t, you will be the first person who knows, Sir…” “Do you understand, Lori…you will be undermining and creating an unsafe situation for you to control someone completely…is your pleasure more important than living your fantasy life?’ “No Teacher” Lori responded, tilting her head so we made eye contact around Kelly’s thigh. He had to make it that much more difficult though, didn’t he…when he finished filling me with cum, Teacher made Kelly share his cum with me, then, had Kelly clean my pussy! I still didn’t get to orgasm! Hopefully soon… There is also a message from Lori: Teacher…when we w

Read Hoe Baka Go Fuck - Baka to test to shoukanjuu Dirty Baka Go Fuck

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