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#62492 - “Fuck me nice and slow master! Just keep fucking me! You’re so deep inside me! Ahuh! Ahuh! Ahuh! Yes master! Slow and hard! Aaaaahhhh! Yeah! Just like that! You bring so much joy to your servant master! Eeeeeaaahhhhhhh! I’m cumming! You’re making me cum my sweet master! Yyyeeeessss!” She renewed a salivating kiss and her tongue lunged into his mouth tasting and licking him, holding him spellbound. When he wasn’t licking or tasting her little toes, he covered her mouth with an open watery kiss. She’d been kneeling before him on the table and he guided her to a standing position on the floor.

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Haruka amami
Mmm sexy
Yuuki otokura
Said no and still kept going this is not good to see at all
I wanted say the same lol