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#108595 - She looked at me for a second after letting go, She grabbed my cheeks with one hand and squeezed them you are so cute! She said in a baby voice It made me so mad She always makes me feel so small She already opened the door when i finally said Angie, come back She looked back yeah honey? I swallowed and tried to sound braver then i was I know about all your porn This was the longest few seconds of my life, i regretted every life decision that led me to this moment, After the eternity that was 10 seconds she closed the door slowly and turned around Ok. All of that stuff is just wrong and sick, my mind goes to such sick places, i wish i could just stop thinking about it, now i was mad at her for being so sloppy I mean can't you put a password or hide it better or just call the folder boring work stuff (it's not the best plan but it's something!) I walked to the kitchen sleepy and grumpy, she was sitting there, fully dressed and ready for work

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