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#380345 - I only had a single bed but had grabbed a thin mattress from home for myself on the Sunday night so when I got back from the shower I started pulling out the mattress and spare bedding but Pat turned her bedding back revealing her magnificent bare breasts and lacy white panties saying “no need to make that up” I just stood there stunned and staring at those gorgeous globes with a tent slowly forming in the front of my towel until she tugged on my towel dragging me towards her. Pat asked me to stay with her until they came back so we waited in trepidation. When I arrived at home on Friday night Pat was her same old friendly self and just acted the same as before our night together so I just went with the flow and we hung out together with our mates until I started dropping everyone at home.

Read Nylons 雷电将军本子 - Genshin impact Slim 雷电将军本子

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