#276254 - We got back to Kelly’s house and her parents were gone… we went in and put our stuff down and hung out in her living room, it was a nice set up with two large couches around a large TV, she had brand new carpet which was very soft… I kicked of my shoes and sat on the couch while we were looking for something to watch we all were just talking. Julie and I had made out twice when we were drunk at her house, the last time over the summer we made out and she put my hand on her pussy, it was wet, I rubbed it a little, I got in position for us to masturbate together like Kelly and I have done many times but Julie instead started to play with me and I with her, she had a silky smooth shaved pussy and was so wet, she got on top of me and kissed me while fingering me and then she rubbed my clit in such a way I never felt before, she made me cum, the first time ever someone else had done such a thing! I had slept with several boys and never came close to cumming, in fact it only felt good a f

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