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#178101 - ” She said winking It kind of made sense, she couldn’t exactly blab what she saw, if she was involved and then would Casey believe her anyway? “Err I don’t know, feels weird” I said unsure about it. I took the thinner brush and slid it down her tunnel and using the rounded end I slid the brush handle along side its much larger brother and slid it into her cervix, once it was in an inch or so I pulled the brushes apart a little at my end and tugged on the wider brush, loosening her cervical neck with the thinner brush did the trick and the wide brush’s ferrule popped right out, followed by a little blood, I could see her cervix gaping a little and slid the thinner brush in and out a few times. Sharon gingerly started to move her hips forward, I don’t think it registered with Sharon as quickly as it did with me, but I felt the sensation of the metal ferrule leaving my cock and remaining inserted inside Sharon’s gripping uterus, I then felt that brush slid in and out of my cock man

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Hey melde dich bitte will mit dir gerne auch ein video drehen oder mehrere
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