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#271718 - he was loving how tight it was when i noticed Harish just sitting on the floor naked, watching us, i saw how his indian cock glisen with jucies, i called him over i take his soft meat into my mouth, the jucies taste sooooo fucking good i lap around his cock sucking all the jucies off all the way down to the balls, doing this relaxes me enough for jack to push deeper in, pushing harder and faster slamming into me. teasing his cock till a little bit of cum slipped out then rapping my lips around the tip i started sucking it up and down, harder and deeper i went, sucking on it like it was the last lollypop in the world, i reached down and started rubbing my clit, my juices were already starting to drip down my thigh, when. it was jack, he started telling me how hot i was, how much he wanted me, how he was rubbing himself thinking of me.

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