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#110932 - If you are easily offended then you have come to the wrong place. I cried again and tears were in my eyes, running down my cheeks…I was in San Antonio or Mexico or on stage or nowhere I had ever been as I fucked this animal and he fucked me back and I hoped it would never end as waves splashed and cleansed and his hot cum was washing me and oozing out of my cunt and down the folds of my butt cheeks…Then there were towels wiping me clean and a dressing gown to cover me…they helped me to sit up, my legs so weak…hubby’s lips were kissing me, soothing me, whispering in my ears. Then I felt the donkeys cock bouncing against my cunt lips, more petting and guiding…I clinched, not knowing when it would happen…hubby holding my hand and saying dirty things to me…I couldn’t have been more hot or ready…and then I felt a hot cock at my opening…I held myself…wanting suddenly to be home in San Antonio and not the star of the show…it was too late, the hot cock had entered, the thrusting began…my ima

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