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#371293 - He smiles at me and that smile takes my breath away, there I am lusting after my principal I'm such a slut, the principal who happens to have seen my naked body and me getting my life fucked out of me. My breasts are free and in his face, his hands cover them and I moan at the feeling of my naked breasts being massaged, it gives me immense pleasure and I know my floodgates are open now, he squeezes them and pulls on my nipples causing me sweet beautiful pain before he takes my left breast into his mouth and suck on my nipple, biting down hard on it and making me cry out. They were all waiting to know what had happened and I told them a half-truth version, saying he had called me about taking on an extra-curriculum course, they didn't pry me for more, once I start talking about how sexy he was and how he made me feel.

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Full hentai
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So hot but we need to see him gape guy gaping from pegging is the hottest thing