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#189222 - “Do it, Doug! Fuck me! Pleeeeease!” Doug had never seen a woman so wanton and uninhibited his entire life! Slowly, his throbbing phallus disappeared into her saturated slit! Feeling the overwhelming pleasure of being penetrated by his magnificient cock, “OH MY FUCKING GOD, YESSSS!” Cathy moaned loudly thrusting her hips to meet him, engulfing the entire length! “THIS IS HEAVEN! I NEED THIS! FUCK ME, MY LOVE! FUCK ME!” Trying to take it slow, Doug began fucking the beautiful redhead with slow determination, not wanting it to end too soon. So much so, he knew she wanted him. Putting his theory to the test, “Put your hands behind your back, and do a 360 degree turn for me,” he softly instructed.

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