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#83304 - Once at a party, he caught the eye of the hostess, and whispered that she was to go into the bedroom, lay down of the bed, call everyone in, and masturbate for them, not waking up until she heard the words oh my god!. For about eighteen years now, with no real rhyme or reason, Patrick has somehow acquired the power to put people into deep hypnotic trances, and even more extraordinary, he could have them do his bidding, and wake up totally unaware of any of the activities they may have taken part in! Even at a very young age, he instinctively knew not to let on the secret of his new found powers, it was almost as if he thought that maybe his teachers or parents would take it away from him, and this he could not abide, as he was not one of the popular in crowd, but a veritable loner who spent most of his time playing by himself. He stopped to ask her a question, and received what he considered to be a very snooty answer.

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