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#6644 - Sometimes Dylan would have his dad to himself to train his powers on and other nights dads buddies would be there to watch Dylan fuck each of his dads buddies as Dylan's dad and buddies watched on, enjoying the show but not really sure why they were enjoying it. Dylan would decide at that moment when his dad called to check in if it would be happy hour at the Donahue's or not depending on Dylan's mood and how horny he was, and what kind of training Dylan's powers needed. He didn't have to dig deep, he knew the answer, his dads buddies, Dylan’s dad aside from being a user and abuser was a a pretty good business man himself, it was the only thing his dad did good in and that was making sure the family had money, but it still did not make up for years of abuse Dylan had received from him until the day Dylan turned the tables on his dad and took his “will.

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