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#44353 - I never dreamt that keeping the fire lit would be the answer to my dreams I got down on all fours to put some logs on the fire as I had a million times before only this time Spike mounted me from behind, I stayed still at first I had not thought about this but the feel of Spikes fur on my back soon had me trembling with anticipation as he started to hump me I could feel His nob trying to get inside of me his front legs were locked around my hip and I could not get hold of his nob to guide him in to me so I lowered my body down until he calmed down then when he let go of me I moved over to the couch . As I moaned she drew my arm back behind me and got me to hold the bottle ridged inside of me then she creamed up the handle of the hair brush I new what was coming and wet myself in anticipation it took a bit of working around my ass before the handle slipped into my ass inch by hard inch “mmmm” I was so full of bottle and brush my legs trembled as she pushed both objects in and out of m

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