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#384088 - I was now 18 years old and still a virgin by now I knew that having a larger cock was quite a good thing and my drinking buddies constantly referred to it as the “mingewrecker” my confidence with women was still nonexistent though to my friends I pretended otherwise, I had a serious crush on a 16 year old schoolgirl called Sarah Edwards who lived in the next street to me, her father was a oil worker in Saudi Arabia and Sarah had a reputation for being a little too wild and rumour had it she would put out to anyone, so she became the focus of my attention so much so that would go out of my was to accidentally bump into her, it was on one of these accidental meeting that I encountered Sarah and 2 of her friends near a wooded copse close to our homes they were happy to engage me in conversation and I felt really pleased that I had been noticed, however after a few moments one of the girls asked if it were true about my penis, I blushed and asked what they meant to which she replied that h

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