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#241100 - As one officer was sittong on he hood facing down the alley and his partner was facing the same direction talking to the mall manager, I walked up beside the cop car and tapped on the window to get the girls attention. I then converted the residential areas into various different shops, cinemas, nightclubs, arcades and amusement parks for my own desires. I then instantly changed her opinion of me from anger to attraction and made her quite horny masking it with a sense of electricity running up her arm from our touch  I'm soo sorry I did didn't mean to d-do that she stuttered awkwardly as I handed her the small bundle of papers I had in my hands and offered to walk with her which she quickly accepted    The rest of the day was pretty boring and dull as I had already guessed it would be considering that I have went through the school systems of various countries quite literally over 30,000 times.

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