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#243163 - All of the mistresses were in their late forties or fifties with the major requirement being that they be more than a little on the hefty side! Indeed all of the mistresses in attendance tonight had huge asses and tits and a burning desire to be sucked to completion by a cute little eighteen year old girls! “God I love getting sucked,” one of the mistresses sighed. “I don’t want her to try and run on me!!!” Now Kiki was beginning to think that this might not have been such a good plan after all!!! She had expected to get fucked, but by her own mistress, not this evil woman they called Paula! She wanted desperately to leap off the table and run for her life, but four strong hands grabbed her by the shoulders and arms, effectively locking her in place! She began to shiver as her mind raced while thinking about what was going to happened to her! Paula grinned an evil grin to the other mistresses, and then without even a hint of a warning, threw her hips forward, driving the thick piec

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