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#16244 - Covering me she stood and started to dance in front of me, after a few minutes Jenny danced for me, then the others in turn, Emily was as erotic as before and I was solid as when Wendy danced for me, seeing this Wendy said “Look daddy’s hard again” “Yes I know” the dancing stopped for a time and more drink was consumed by all of us, then Emily got up and pulled her skirt up to her waist and took her knickers off, Wendy looked on in surprise, Emily then started dancing again this time doing hand stands and opening her legs wide, naturally her skirt dropped over her head and her pussy was on show, after a few minutes she did a hand stand right between my legs, she dropped her legs over my shoulders and clamped them around my neck, I bent my head and kissed her pussy a few times, she then dropped back to her feet and continued dancing, Jody came up next and she did hands stands and put her legs over my shoulders, and I kissed her pussy, Wendy had another rum and coke, but I saw her put mo

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