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#101932 - Jessica was lead down stairs by her father to the kitchen where she found her mother totally naked mixing a second bowl if stuffing, Jessica seeing her mother nude like a meat-girl cause her to ask, Mom why are you nude? she said as her father looked and at the same time asked Hun why you nude? both Jessica and her father looked at each other then back to her mother who replied, I made a huge mistake, I invited so many people Jessica could never feed them all by herself, you will have to roast me too, I don’t want anyone to go home hungry she replied with a smile on her face as she continued to mix the bowl of stuffing that would soon be packed into her own belly. Jessica and her father followed her out the door, As soon as my husband and I finish stuffing and spitting Jessica, I will be bound, stuffed and spitted as well to roast she said as Jessica walked over to a large picnic table, I couldn’t rent a spitting machine in such short notice so we will both have to be spit

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