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#35670 - And knowing she was rather a bit tanked and open for discussion I asked her if she'd ever in her life had a thought about a male dog giving her pleasure in anyway shape or form explaining to her that I was just curious as hell just how many women in their secret little private world actually had thoughts of such things. and even now towered over her body as he was now wrapping his front legs around her waist and hip joining as she was saying ooohhh hhheee's huggging mmeee ssso tttiiiight as he began to walk his hind legs up closing the distance between their bodies and gripping her hips ever tighter as she was moving her head back to see what was going on only to see his huge head now hanging just above hers. Not to let the moment escape I then told her:: You can go into the bedroom and get naked and I'll wait out here with him and then come in when your ready.

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Cai wenji
Que delicia de culo tienes
Issei matsukawa
I need a female friend like them in the nyc area to have play fights like this