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#347956 - Take it boy I couldn't breathe so I pulled my head up as I did a string of spit stayed on his cock from my mouth breathing heavily I spit on his wet cock, what I said next I wouldn't thought I'd say ever in my life Rob I want you to fuck me now I said as I got up taking my jeans and boxer's off he looked a little shocked maybe be cause how confident I'd become you sure you want me to fuck you? he asked getting up off the bed I walked over to him kissed him looked him in the eye and said yes I want you to take my anal virginity Rob pulled me towards him and kissed me hard we kissed for a few minutes until I broke it I sat on the bed and pushed myself towards the middle layed down and opened my legs exposeing my tight ass hole come here Rob and get a condom and lube I told him he looked at me lying down on his bed, he walked over to his bedside table and grabbed lube he got on the bed and kneeled above me he looked at me and grinned he opened the lube a

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