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#177256 - “Pass me that remote behind you please Jim; let’s see how the girls are progressing in there shall we?” “What! You got camera’s in your house”(I asked) “Yes in our bedrooms but we don’t record anything it’s just that we don’t believe in private parties, everything here is strictly open for all to see, we find it stops people getting jealous of their partners when there is nothing to hide, take now for instance, we’ll turn the TV on watch what is happening and you will see that there is no one else in there only the girls which is what you just agreed to with Jan when she went off inside, but when we have lots of people around if Jan said she was going off with Sally and you looked at the TV and saw that Sally was not there only another man, you could choose to watch or choose to go and interrupt as that is not what you had agreed on in our open policy and we find that people respect that we don’t promote cheaters. In the morning we showered before breakfast and on entering the kitc

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