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#48013 - He came over and I held my hand out and felt his lovely soft balls and said they will make me happy. Not only was my vagina now filled with his semen – his tongue was now well lubricated with my tears. Jan said not in that way – its something we do occasionally – if I come home stressed Mike does his to me and in no time at all I fell like I am floating and then we have sex and it is the most amazing feeling – you will see for yourself.

Read Ass Lick I Want Nothing by Dr. Ten Porn Star I Want Nothing by Dr. Ten

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Wow you are dangerously sun burned but it sure looks nice he gave you one amazing cum did he give you a 2nd as a creampie at end very cool film and thx for sharing
Oozora subaru
I know i aint the only other guy that would love to get his dick in between those