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#347632 - Kath ,shouted to me,we had another urgent order, to fufill, but this time it was to be girls over the age of 25, apparently ,at that age it was thought they would be nice and mature, before becoming old maids, we turned the order down, even though it was worth an extra bonus of 200k. J2 through to J6 were all good looking boys, they kept themselves in good condition, we had lots of clients ,especially Gays ,who enjoyed breaking a new cock or two in, these five were destined for the Arab market, mainly for use in hareems, but sadly for them, they had to be steralised, in the past our clients insisted on castration, we thought that a little harsh, so Key hole surgery was the next best, so as some of us were either Doctors and Nurses, a little operation was a simple task, anyway the money we earnt doing this ,supplemented our meager NHS salaries. I made the decision that we would holiday ,and then in 6 weeks,start again, this was accepted, so I hope you enjoy me sharing with you m

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