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#231145 - PROLOGUE from part one: Naomi Dayne as been dating Peter for six or seven dates now, and her mother, Miranda has sensed that her daughter is falling in love with the young man, and since she is a stone cold dominant, she wants her daughter to follow on with the family tradition of female domination of the males!!! After putting Peter through a number of tests, Miranda finally crushes his balls in her hands, effectively breaking Peter's spirit while leaving him a emotional wreck!!! Miranda then tests Peter's ability to orally satisfy her, and much to Naomi's relief, Peter brings her mother to a thunderous climax, so our story now continues with Miranda Dayne gasping for her post orgasmic breath.

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Momo yaoyorozu
Damn that scene was fire
Yukimura sanada
Stelio kontos was his name he was as mean as he was greek