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#75767 - I know my next sentence will sound really creepy but I just love watching Alice sleep she is just so cute, The way she sucks her thumb, Forget I said that I am pretty sure she would kill me if anyone ever found that out even though it would be impossible for her to do it, Well I stood there for I don't know how long before I heard the usual shouting coming from the living room, It of course been her mum shouting for her to get out of bed, That was when I left her bedroom just incase her nightwear was a little inappropriate, I do the same thing every morning to be honest, I walked through her door and went to sit on the living room sofa until Alice walked out of her bedroom in her school uniform and quickly rushed into the bathroom, She does it pretty much every morning, I waited for her to come out and then I got up and walked to the front door only to have her follow me a few minutes later, I began walking with her towards school when she veered away and headed towards the park,

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