#158258 - When he was satisfied, Chad came strolling back to where Captain Nick & I had been chatting, suggesting we needed to get back to the beach for the start of the swim wear photo session & as we had stayed later than expected for lunch I might need to help Samantha out and model some of the swimwear. Ten minutes later Chad & John arrived back on deck wearing similar swimsuits to Nicks tiny G & April & Cindy wore shimmering silver micro G’s, the music was cranked up, Cindy came around with more red pills for the girls & this time she handed a blue pill to all the boys I was later to realise that the boy pills were in fact Viagra. I had to have a taste so I let go of the wheel & lowered myself down the front of him until my face was level with his cock, I grabbed a hold of the thin straps either side of his hips and gently rolled the G string down his legs allowing his enormous cock to flop half masked in front of my face.

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Takaaki kouno
Great video
Miss valentine
Natsumi tsujimoto
Why do all these meatheds smack ass dont need tenderising from my view
I think if i experience this i won t be able to control myself because i want it so bad
Facts g fkin factsss nigga is really alone out here in my case friend zone seems to be were i belong
Good video