#145805 - They all mean such different things, for example, calling you Sir means I respect you, I am showing some reverence to you. Please I am begging you, be kind with my name Sir, I hope I will please you with this letter, looking at the clock, I have 20 minutes to go sir, not bad considering I had an earth shattering orgasm and needed to clean up before I started. Have you done that with your other subs? One thing I learnt about myself from your letter, I have very green eyes, the fact you mentioned your other subs sent me into a spiral of jealousy, I dont like to share! (I feel I am probably giving you ammunition here Daddy!) I am hoping I will be one of your favourite toys for some time, I want to belong to you, to obey you, I suppose ideally I d love to get under your skin, make it you thought about me all the time, maybe then there would be no talk of being released.

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Inaho misora
Natural busty always is better like if you agree
Mirai kuriyama
Fucking hot