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#15606 - Ria of course, like most social Sanadal girls, had tasted amounts of fecal matter, when dicks that had plowed assholes were directly inserted into her mouth, or when she rimmed puckered anuses, and her vagina had certainly met the products of the rectum, when soiled cocks switched from her ass, or other girls' asses to her pink tight pussy, a maneuver loved by Zendar, but she hadn't yet reached the depths of depravity. Children born out of wedlock and not in incest, but with the father recognizing the child, were considered legitimate, with partial rights of inheritance. Neena was a very pretty girl, and could pass for Ria's sister, with her dark green eyes and her freckles, though while Ria's were spread heavily all over her face and body Neena's were concentrated mostly on a strip below her eyes and over her nose.

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