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#302221 - We lay side by side, and our renewed kissing, tongues jousting for position in one another’s mouths, was accompanied by each caressing the other, Esme’s hand firmly on my cock and balls, teasing and cajoling me to another erection, while I palmed her breasts, feeling her firm thimble like nipples grow into my hand, before transferring my hand down to between her legs, seeking out her moist opening again, two fingers spread on her open sex lips, and my thumb just gently vibrating her clit. I was fully erect and she was continuously moist so further foreplay seemed unnecessary and I held her waist just above her hips and manoeuvred myself into position before plunging my cock straight into her cunt and thrusting it home. We kept this going as long as we could but quite quickly we both collapsed, exhausted after quite a day.

Read Bukkake Boys Saimin Fuufunaka Chousa Ch. 1-2 Full Movie Saimin Fuufunaka Chousa Ch. 1-2

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