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#288636 - Unable to resist her urge, spread legged with the dog lapping at her with obvious enjoyment, Jade felt her crotch warming and her snatch buzzing with depraved excitement minute by minute. Lick Jade's pussy, big dog, do it now, before I back out, don't let me stop, she whimpered frantically Oh my God, what do you want me to say, lick me, Rex, the girl babbled, lick my pussy, lick me, please lick me now good dog… Shivering uncontrollably, Jade groaned and panted desperately for breath while she kept patting and stroking the enthusiastic animal crouched slavering between her thighs. Her heart was racing, her skin tingled and she felt like electricity was running through her veins; her thoughts were racing and she realized with shock that the debauched fantasy was winning over her body and her brain.

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